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Hanwha Azdel Inc. manufactures high-performance thermoplastic composites designed for both interior and exterior applications across many different industries. Major segments served include automotive, heavy truck, recreational vehicles, industrial, and other transportation applications. Hanwha Azdel, Inc. is an affiliate of Hanwha Advanced Materials Corporation, which is a company of Hanwha Group, a major Korean company with 50,000 employees worldwide. Across the entire range of our businesses, we deliver energy to customers, partners, communities as well as generations to come in order to make our future more vibrant and sustainable.


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Our Vision

Our “Quality Growth 2020” vision embodies our commitment to be an industry leader in each of our existing business areas. We will continue to build a corporate culture that fosters mutual growth and prosperity for our employees and all our stakeholders. 


We Will Be the Sustainable Energy for Your Future

Despite the prolonged financial crisis encircling the globe, Hanwha continues to expand with our shared vision of “Quality Growth.”hanwha chairmanHanwha has been working hard to strengthen the global competencies of our new businesses, while at the same time enhancing our business structure by focusing on specific businesses such as energy, chemicals, advanced materials and finance.

This is how we will create a brighter future. The acquisition of the solar energy business completed Hanwha’s total vertical integration after it was first introduced as a new growth engine for the company in 2010. And in 2012, the Group acquired Q.CELLS, a solar system pioneer with truly state-of-the-art technology. It was renamed Hanwha Q CELLS and the breakthrough immediately vaulted us firmly into the top tier of solar solution companies worldwide. With Germany in the center, we are expanding to major markets around the world based on our R&D network in Korea, America and China, while strengthening our technological competitiveness.

Hanwha has also been attracting the attention of world-renowned competitors in the construction sector after we signed a contract for USD 8 billion to build a new city in Bismayah, Iraq. It is the single largest project ever won by a Korean construction company. This important postwar rebuilding effort will be long remembered as a project that brought hope to the Iraqi people.

Hanwha is also extending business opportunities in the financial sector, making great strides to expand our presence in overseas markets. Our first overseas operation was established in Vietnam in 2009 under the Hanwha Life banner. The company is also providing advanced financial services in China and Indonesia based on its experience and know-how acquired since entering the Vietnamese market.

In the services & leisure sector, we have been striving to provide attractive and personalized services by constantly renewing our offerings. Hanwha will continue to invest in its core growth industries and grow into a substantially competitive company, deploying a strategy of “selection and concentration.”

As we look ahead, it is clear that the global economy is still under pressure and we must remain vigilant and diligent as we face our challenges. Hanwha will continue to expand our global footprint, and extend our leadership in all the areas in which we operate. And we will seek to make a difference in everything that we do.

Because above all, we know that we cannot achieve success alone. Hanwha wishes to grow together with local communities, our shareholders, partners, and customers. Based on our group philosophy of going further together, we aim to see farther and think bigger as a leading and responsible corporate citizen. Making a contribution to the prosperity of mankind and a healthy future of the Earth is our calling and our very reason to exist. It’s a mission that we have been reminding ourselves about continuously for the past sixty years.

Please join us on this very meaningful journey.

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