2007 ~ Present : Going Global

Entering new growth engine fields such as solar energy and biotech as we lay the foundation
for quality growth worldwide

  • September 2014
    Hanwha Asset Management established
    a joint venture in China
  • October 2013
    Hanwha Life’s Indonesian branch
    began local sales
  • January 2013
    Hanwha agreed to install solar panels
    for WEF(World Economic Forum)
  • December 2012
    Sino-Korea Life, a joint venture of Hanwha Life and Zhejiang International Business Group, began operations
  • October 2012
    Hanwha Q CELLS launched by acquiring
    the Germany-based Q.CELLS
  • May 2012
    Hanwha Engineering & Construction
    won Bismayah New City Project (USD 8 Billion)
  • June 2011
    Hanwha China launched
  • February 2011
    Hanwha Chemical’s Ningbo PVC plant in China
    launched commercial operations
  • August 2010
    Hanwha acquired a 49.99% equity stake
    in Solarfun Power Holdings of China
    (Currently, Hanwha SolarOne)
  • April 2009
    Hanwha Life’s Vietnam branch
    began local sales
  • November 2007
    Hanwha Advanced Materials acquired the US-based Azdel
  • 2007
    Hanwha Engineering & Construction
    won a Saudi Arabian power plant project
  • 2007
    Hanwha announced its new CI(Corporate Identity)

1996 ~ 2006 : Building Momentum

Systematically restructure for long-term growth and strengthen our finance network
as we expand into the insurance industry

  • 2002
    Hanwha acquired
    Korea Life and Shindongah Fire & Marine Insurance
    (Currently, Hanwha Life and Hanwha General Insurance)
  • 2000
    Hanwha acquired Dongyang Department Store
    (Currently, Hanwha Galleria Timeworld)
  • 1999
    Hanwha established Yeochun NCC

1981 ~ 1995 : Strategic Diversification

Entering the chemical, leisure, and retail fields through strategic acquisitions,
dramatically expanding our business portfolio

  • 1992
    Korea Explosives Group renamed Hanwha Group
  • 1986
    Hanwha acquired Hanyang Stores
    (Currently, Hanwha Galleria)
  • 1985
    Hanwha acquired the Junga Group
    (Currently, Hanwha Hotels & Resorts)
  • 1982
    Hanwha acquired Hanyang Chemical and Dow Chemical Korea
    (Currently, Hanwha Chemical)
  • 1981
    Seung Youn Kim became
    the chairman of Hanwha

1952 ~ 1980 : Foundation & Growth

Our steady expansion from manufacturing explosives for Korea to other basic manufacturing industries
elevates us into the ranks of Korea’s top 10 business groups

  • 1976
    Hanwha acquired Sungdo Securities
    (Currently, Hanwha Investment & Securities)
  • 1969
    Hanwha established Kyung-In Energy
  • 1965
    Hanwha established Korea Hwasung Industrial
    (Currently, Hanwha Chemical and Hanwha Advanced Materials)
  • 1952
    Founded as Korea Explosives (Currently, Hanwha Corp.)

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