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Hanwha’s symbol mark, the “TRIcircle,” is the combination of the dynamic circles in 3 different color tones. The “TRIcircle,” which is essential element of Hanwha’s corporate branding, is a design essence through which the brand identity can be clearly expressed and reference point from which the brand identity is visualized symbolically. In addition, by conveying an image of “Unlimited Growth” through a dynamic energy, Hanwha acquires its visual equity in an effective way.



Trust and Loyalty in Hanwha


Hanwha has enjoyed a remarkable history of growth because of the strong corporate culture that all employees believe and participate in. At the heart, "Trust and Loyalty" is what held us together through challenges and hardships. Trust and Loyalty is Hanwha's business philosophy that has lasted for over 60 years. It began with Hanwha's founding philosophy of business patriotism. Throughout Hanwha's history, Trust and Loyalty was demonstrated in events such as the Iri Station explosion and business restrusturing during the 1997 Asian Financial crisis.


In Hanwha, trust is the ability to rely upon or place confidence in someone that is earned from everyone, anytime, and wherever. Loyalty means to value and cherish relationships once they are formed, and fulfill duties voluntarily though it might immediately bring on loss.

These are values that are carried out voluntarily, and not by force.


Trust and Loyalty are:


Relational values that exist between two entities

Imagine that you are on a deserted island by yourself. Trust and loyalty will be meaningless because there is no one to trust or be loyal to.


Values standing out in difficult times

When everything is going well, values of trust and loyalty are not easily noticeable. However, if a colleague shows such loyalty and support in times of difficulty when we are in need, it is much more appreciated.


Values requiring initiative

If you want to be trusted by someone, you need to trust first. Also, wishing someone in return is more like a transaction than a relationship. True value of trust and loyalty is wanting nothing in return and proactively carrying it out first.


Values that must be treasured and protected

Trust and loyalty are fragile in nature, so it is very difficult to regain them once lost. They are different from other values such as determination and creativity, which are recognized even after repeated failures. Trust and loyalty are extremely difficult to build but very easy to break. That is why they need to be valued even more highly and made sure they are kept all the time.



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